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Perfect Photo Booth has effectively become one of the most reliable and trusted photo booth rental company in this area. Perfect Photo Booth is based in Fairfax, VA and serves the DMV area-North Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. We are primarily known for providing quality service to people who would like to create memories of different special events through using these booths. The events where the booths from Perfect Photo Booth are used usually become more exciting as people attending are able to take pictures conveniently.

A Photobooth for Any Occassion

Some of the primary kinds of events that use the services from Perfect Photo Booth include wedding receptions, graduations, different kinds of parties and reunions among others. The primary reason why these kinds of events use these services is that long time friends or families get to meet after a long time and therefore they appreciate making the memories through taking pictures. Some of these events also happen when the people attending might not see each other for a sometimes and therefore it is paramount to create the memories through friends being photographed together. Furthermore, there are also events such as weddings which usually happen once in a lifetime and therefore people keep the memories through using photo booths to take the pictures.


Perfect Photo Booth is well appreciated in this area because of offering top quality services. The booths fromPerfect Photo Booth are digital and therefore they take quality pictures which are very clearly. The booths are also well maintained to ensure they are functional at all times even while handling relatively big events. These booths are easy to use where even people without any prior experience can use them conveniently. Everything on the inside of the booths is well organized where the users can see all the functions readily. Perfect Photo Booth even provides attendants with the booths to help people who might be having problems in using them. The attendants are friendly and they explain all the necessary details in a simple manner to ensure users take quality pictures. Inside the booths there is optimum privacy which allows users to enjoy taking pictures without worrying about exterior interference.

Simple Photo Booth Rental

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Events managers in the areas served by Perfect Photo Booth are just required to book in advance whenever they want to rent a booth so as to ensure their will be a booth available during the particular day of the event. Booking a booth is simple since one just needs to contact Perfect Photo Booth through the contact form on the right or give us a call at 703-832-8765. The booking process is simple and one stays assured that there will be a booth available on the particular event day. Some of the details discussed during the booking process include how long the booth will be in the event since some events might take even more than a day.

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After booking, we inspect the event’s venue so as to determine the most ideal place to position the photo booth. The right point is usually in a place where all the people attending the event can easily access the booth. It is also paramount to position the booth in a location where there are no disruptions. For instance, the booth should not be placed on a path where many people will be passing since there will be disruptions and also the levels of privacy will be lowered. Perfect Photo Booth does all the work in setting the booth and therefore the organizers do not have to worry about setting and removing the booth after the event.

Photo Booth Rental Convenience

Some of the reasons why Perfect Photo Booth is rated so highly in photo booth rental in this area include that all its services are professional. This means that the we know what different kinds of clients like and offers exactly that. When a client approaches the us about wanting to rent a booth for a certain event, the client is treated professionally. This involves explaining all the details about the entire process and therefore clients are always aware of what to expect. Perfect Photo Booth also keeps its promises including being on time to ensure the booth is set up on time for the event. This eliminates the inconvenience of clients having to look for alternatives in the last minute therefore disrupting events. Furthermore, we have many modern booths and therefore is able to serve all its clients without delays. For clients who might be compelled to postpone their events because of different reasons one just needs to contact us about the postponing and the new dates of the event. As a result, the event managers who hire us are able to concentrate on other attributes of the events since they know Perfect Photo Booth will handle the photos section effectively.

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To further enhance the reliability and efficiency of Perfect Photo Booth, we have all the necessary licenses and its employees are very knowledgeable in this line of work. Being licensed is an assurance the quality of services it provides have been inspected and confirmed to meet the required standard. This also affirms that Perfect Photo Booth uses the right quality when it comes to its equipment and tools. The employees being knowledgeable means that they have the relevant insight regarding this work and therefore clients can expect to get nothing short of quality services. For people who would like to affirm the competency of Perfect Photo Booth, there is a big list of previous clients who have only good things to say about the photo booths they rented from us. Such clients even recommend us to other people with events and therefore the popularity of the Perfect Photo Booth is anticipated to grow even further.

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As a way of serving its customers better and giving them value for the money they spend renting the booths, Perfect Photo Booth even gives discounts. This allows the customers to enjoy making their events better through renting the booths at significantly reduced prices. We also provides guidance about photography to the clients. This is also an important aspect because it helps the clients apply the right tactics when it comes to photography.  Therefore, people with different kinds of events in DMV area-North Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC can enjoy quality services of photo booth rental provided by Perfect Photo Booth.